What We Do…

First, we’ll create and inventory of your existing furniture categorized by ‘must use’, ‘would really like to use’, and ‘not as important.’  Then, we’ll measure the rooms and create a space plan using appropriate existing furniture.

These first two steps yield both a vision of your new homes’ interior design as well as a list of furniture that may not work in the new space. This helps guide you in the process of selling, giving away, or storing those pieces. As a result you will not be paying to move pieces that will not be incorporated in your new design.

We’ll assist in the selection of paint colors, allowing your painter to work between settlement and move in. Hassle free for you and efficient for the painter!

Finally, we’ll interface with your moving company on move in day(s) to place furniture pieces according to the space plans. While you’re busy organizing your new kitchen let us delight you with a seemingly effortless furniture installation. We’ll complete the process with overseeing the hanging of artwork and mirrors as well as placing lamps and accessories for that ‘settled in’ feel!

Pile Of Brown Cardboard Boxes With House Or Office Goods